Adorned with playful pastel colours and hand motif cut outs, the set of Nelly Rose’s latest collection invoked childhood memories of exploration and discovery, while drawing on the nomadic movement that underpins the Globelle by Nelly Rose platform. A graduate of the London College of Fashion, Nelly Rose has carved a unique identity for herself and her aesthetic through her meaningful collaborations and her SS18 collection was no exception.

The collection invoked childhood memories of exploration and discovery.

With a focus on uniting cultures around the world through collaborating with artisans internationally, this season Globelle by Nelly Rose captured a particular DIY aesthetic interwoven with heritage and meaning. Inspired by recent travels, Nelly fused prints from Japan, accessories from Palestine with woven panels, beaded embellishments and embroidery from Guatemala to create a collection that was relaxed and colourful while simultaneously showcasing the crafts of local artisans in an eye capturing way.

Graffiti inspired prints over were scrawled over simple shifts and styled beautifully with muted pastel knits. While abstract illustrations decorated loosely cut wide leg pants, hand motifs were a recurring theme as accessories, set decoration and prints. Beautifully beaded chokers accentuated the pops of colour in the prints, including the electric blues, while black creepers and sneakers ensured that comfort was a priority and simultaneously added to the generally relaxed vibe.

Beautifully beaded chokers accentuated the pops of colour in the prints.

During the the 90 minute presentation, as models swayed to the music, laughed and chatted, everyone was left hypnotised. Adding another dimension to the presentation format, was the short film that had been curated to give glimpses into the intricate weaving processes and other techniques used. Playing on the large screen just behind the models, the film gave the audience the opportunity to really understand and observe the nuanced themes of the Globelle by Nelly Rose collection.