Like a bizarrely brilliant reinterpretation of the board game Operation, Dumpty dissected the human body and literally splattered it across their SS18 collection.

Inspired by Richard Barnett’s surgical illustrations, otherwise known as “Crucial Interventions”, Dumpty’s collection was a clever transgression from science to art. Chunks of missing hair revealed the brand name scrawled across foreheads as models gained body parts printed across garments. Nipples, penises and lit-up ball-bags embellished looks whilst leathers, silks and knitwear were layered into loose silhouettes.

No doubt an urban collection, Dumpty infused influences from athletics and work wear. Zipped up hoodies were worn with baggy trousers in several shades of grey whilst waistlines were drawn in by elastic.  With this fairly neutral monochrome palette, splashes of orange exploded across the collection oozing millennial appeal.

Pulled up sports socks, bum bags and jackets strung over shoulders furthered implied the identity of Dumpty’s consumers: those born in the late nineties or after. You could imagine it to be something that the Stranger Things cast might invest in. With deconstructed, asymmetrical tops and billowing floor-length jackets, Dumpty provided a wardrobe to leave the wearer ready for anything.

For those wishing to experiment this season, we suggest looking no further than Dumpty.

About Annabelle Peacock
Studying an MA in Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion, Annabelle Peacock currently resides in London where she writes, styles and further explores her seemingly endless infatuations with lingerie and coffee.