Welcoming Fashion Scouts’ favourite up-and-comers to London Fashion Week was their “Ones to Watch” show. Featuring Neo Design, Ji Won Choi, Triinu Pungits and STARSICA, it was a pick ‘n’ mix of innovation, originality and bold designs.

First up was Nevena Ivanovic’s warrior woman. A harsh palette of black, Ivanoic looked to her family ancestry for NEO Design’s latest collection. Inspired by the nomadic culture and tradition of the Balkan, pieces were multi-functional and shapes were asymmetrical. Quilting, leather and sheer inserts gave the line versatility, whilst a roping detail added resilience. Unisex, multipurpose and in everyone’s favourite shade – how could you not be a fan?

Swooping into second in line, Ji Won Choi tackled consumerism and sustainability in her rather beautiful attempt to save the planet. Sleek and streamlined, stripes on repeat throughout the collection symbolized the waste we produce through our fast fashion wardrobes. However, this line isn’t designed to make you feel bad – it’s meant to make you proactive. Invest in one of these multi-functional pieces and you can claim yourself as an environmental activist and chic. Say no more.

A playful SS18 collection from Triinu Pungits was all about communicating to the subconscious. A hand motif adorned and constructed outerwear that almost cocooned the wearer. In heavy-duty knitwear and a charcoal palette, the line emanated a sense of dominance and durability. In fact, the underlying influence disclosed itself as the sheer persistence and force of nature…what could be a more powerful message than that?

Image: Bee Rance

Lastly, Ike Seungik Lee took us on a personal journey with his STARSICA label. Through this latest collection, the designer reflects on the realities of moving somewhere new and adopting new cultural surroundings. Faux grass bags, turquoise taffeta and headwear that bring to mind chess pieces, the collection was crammed with oddities. Luminous yellows, greens, pinks and blues contrasted sharply against paler pastels and greys whilst neon eyes embellished models’ faces. Sparking a sense of alienation and individuality, Lee achieved exactly what he set out to.

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