Fashion writer Weiqi Yap got her sugar fix at Billie Jacobina’s London Fashion Week presentation. 

Known for her bold displays of whimsy, Billie Jacobina stayed true to her reputation with an effervescent presentation for her Spring/Summer 2018 collection. This season, the Fashion Scout ‘Ones to Watch’ alumni drew inspiration from her past experiences of working in a bakery.

The presentation was part-tea party, part-slumber party.

The halls of Freemasons Hall were barely recognisable, decked out in streamers, confetti and metallic balloons. As guests were greeted with tall glasses of strawberry lemonade and an array of sugary pastries, it was clear what was on Billie’s agenda – she just wanted everyone to have a good time. And Billie’s Bakery did just that – her models were more than live mannequins, they were dancing and adding to the energy.

Image: Bee Rance

The prints were all part of the infectious gaiety, too – manifesting in digitally printed paint splatters. Aptly opting for a confectionary palette, matching sets and ultra-short dresses were seen in saccharine shades of bubblegum pink and persimmon.  But it felt like Billie’s muses had grown up since last season’s Hello Kitty and My Little Pony accessories – this season saw a collaboration with jewellery label No Basic Bombshell. While earrings took the form of glitter croissants and gingerbread, it was the styling that took this collection from childish to statement stage wear. Fishnet tights and retro cat-eye shades were teamed with kitsch footwear, a result of a sponsorship by British shoe brand Irregular Choice.  

The presentation was part-tea party, part-slumber party – and the choice of format made sense, seeing as Billie delivered more than just a parade of looks. She had a story to tell –one of personal history and relentless optimism.

Image: Bee Rance

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