Jade Rozenbroek started her illustrious menswear career working for luxury fashion houses including Versace, Burberry and Marc Jacobs. Exhausted by the amount of waste and lack of sustainable products on offer throughout the supply and demand chain, Jade left it all to found her own luxury menswear brand, Rozenbroek, where garments are handmade from the highest quality organic and vegan materials.

In our latest ‘IDEAS’ piece, Jade shares her ideas on the importance of sustainable design, her motivations to launch Rozenbroek and how she is creating an alternative luxury menswear.

Image: Rozenbroek

Having travelled the world, studying at the most prestigious schools, showcasing my work at multiple fashion weeks and working at some of the top luxury fashion houses, I sometimes get asked why I left it all behind to start my own organic, sustainable and vegan menswear clothing business. It is easier than expected to answer!

I could talk about how hard it was to see leather and fur samples being fitted and then incinerated and the empathy I felt for the animals whose lives were cut short to become a one time use prototype.

Or I could mention how many beautiful Italian developments I saw cancelled and sent to China to be produced cheaper and made using copious amounts of dying and finishing chemicals. Where are the crops being grown and the dying, weaving and finishing being done prior to being sent to the factories I would always ask myself? And who is making them?

Most of all, I have been a vegan for many years and it was always difficult for me to support the production of garments that I thought to be so damaging.

I decided first and foremost to start dressing myself organically. When I went shopping I tried to buy clothing that was earth friendly yet still aesthetically pleasing. It was much more difficult than expected and I ended up with only a few basic tops. So I went back to my favourite method of buying second hand and upcycling. But this did not solve the problem of the luxury man. At that time there were no luxury menswear companies offering sustainable alternatives and other than basics, it was hard to even buy organic options at street-wear or high-street level.

I decided enough was enough and moved back to London from Milan to try and rectify the issues I was facing. I though that even taking the time out to do research so that I could go back and educate large scale companies on the alternatives would be a start. And that is how Rozenbroek was born.

Rozenbroek is a luxury menswear brand, handmade in London; from the highest quality, organic and vegan materials.

The ethos of Rozenbroek is to provide the consumer a new, ethical option whilst focusing on the wellbeing of the planet. Offering a new and smarter way to shop while continually trying to improve product and environmental impact. Making a progressive change while ensuring the products produced are durable and have a long lifespan.

Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle and Educate.

Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle and Educate. All products are made to order to minimise waste and we offer a repair service. Each item comes with information on how best to reduce the footprint of the garment once purchased, through washing cooler, ironing less and hanging out to dry naturally.

As one of the key objectives of Rozenbroek is to reduce waste, the product at the end of its life-cycle can be returned for recycling. The customer will receive a discount on their next purchase in return for their old Rozenbroek item. The pieces are then examined to understand the reason for decay and the trims, fabrics and labels will be reused on a new garment.

Image: Rozenbroek

Rozenbroek’s ‘basics’ range will be available mid August 2017, comprising of organic underwear and t-shirts with seasonal gifting and iconic pieces being slowly introduced. Rozenbroek has produced its first season, S/S 2017, and the main line will be available for sale from January 2018.