Born in Venezuela, Angelo Castro moved to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, five years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer. Now 27 and a recent graduate of the Integra School of Fashion and Design, Angelo has launched his namesake label showing his debut fall/winter 2018 collection, YARE, at Mondesign, one of Uruguay’s premier fashion events earlier this month. The designer takes us on his journey so far.

Image: Mondesign

I left Venezuela looking for new horizons and full of expectations. I was seeking a new lifestyle and found myself pursuing fashion design at the Integra School of Fashion and Design. At Integra I had the opportunity to explore menswear, womenswear and synthesizing menswear and womenswear to epitomise genderless designs. The fluidity of gender is the cornerstone of my final collection, YARE.

I am always looking for new sensory experiences. I am convinced that everything in our environment is design but a designer’s focus is the alignment between environment, functionality and aesthetics. I use identifying patterns, textures and colors as inspiration for constructing materials and garments to achieve this alignment.

At the moment, parts of the world are disjointed and far from perfect alignment. My collection, YARE, was born from the emotional heartbreak that refugees experience and also the deep political turmoil that Venezuela is currently embroiled in. I was also mesmerised by Venezuelan artist, Carlos Cruz Diez’s use of colour as an autonomous reality that remains itself in time and space, and you can see influences of his work in my collection. The impression of colors in our emotional states are the foundations of my creation. In my designs, I am passionate about discovering the hidden silhouettes as I work directly on the body, obviating the obvious, but absorbing the shapes and silhouettes formed. These shapes and silhouettes represent the uncertain cross-sections of society where refugees can often find themselves.

I have recently launched by eponymous label, and my aim is to create everyday clothes with beautiful materials – where pastels and vibrant colours blend seamlessly into ever evolving shapes and silhouettes and endless possibility.