The University of Central Lancashire’s show seemed to focus around either large chunky knitwear or extreme colour blocking, with sharp edged trousers and upturned collars.

Their programme was printed as a large broadsheet newspaper which allowed the audience to get a preview of the collections in full A4 colour before the music had even started.

Carol Bin Wu’s collection seemed to take place in a post-apocalyptic world where pale pink was the only remaining colour and face masks are the only accessory you would need. Both Chloe Gamble and Alice Green’s outfits utilised heavy-knit turtlenecks and heavy block colours, with Gamble focussing on Bright blues and yellows, and Green with baby pinks and greys.

The deep brown and burnt red pieces with jagged edges of Charlotte Hailwood’s collection appeared to be inspired by Pocahontas, yet the interspersed white mesh outfits added a toucher of modernity. Kirsty Richardson’s collection was the definition of an urban jungle, with hooded coats, mesh bodysuits and oversized tracksuits, all featuring the same psychedelic swirling pattern.

A display of royalty came from Stephanie Lawless, whose sleek edges and large blocks of shiny bronze and deep purple seem to be influenced by the crown jewels. Annabelle Lawrence’s collection was a combination of feathers and glitter that came together in a clash of neon pink and dark blue that surprisingly came together in complete harmony. The finished look was the perfect combination of sleek layers and bright details that can be hard to pull off, but Lawrence makes it work. Alice Potter made a splash with her blue shimmery collection that included a coat and cape with cut-out water droplets and an abundance of flowing mesh and blue silk.

Monochrome was the theme for Samera Akhtar; with wide brimmed hats and slogan writing splashed across the designs. If you were going to go on an expedition, you’d want to do it in Amelia Robertson’s pieces; khaki trousers and beige backpacks interspersed with an abundance of pockets and straps means this collection is a force of practicality, alongside baby pink touches for a feminine twist. Meg Callery’s water-coloured designs and cinched waists added a slightly beauty vibe to the show, especially with the flowing jackets and wide legged trousers that gave off a casually cool component to the show.  

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