Jie Hu began NTU’s show with candy pinks and a bright white fringed jacket as the stand-out piece. Pom poms played the starring role in Rachel Currah’s collection, as they featured on the shoes and even had an entire bag made from the coloured balls. These worked well with the flared sleeves, striped tops and 70s flower pattern of the clothes to create a pop look.

Flared sleeves, striped tops and 70s flower pattern created a pop look.

1920s gangstas seems to be the look Sarah Rafferty was aiming for with oversized pinstripe suits and padded shoulders, the edges of money sticking out of pockets and dollar signs stuck on trouser legs. Beth Greene’s collection was a kaleidoscope of candy wrapper shiny material, pearls and neon colours which evokes fond memories of a child raiding the dressing up box and wearing her mother’s pearls. The punk scene from the 80s is the first thing that springs to mind with Amy Vanderwaal’s Vivienne Westwood-esque collection. Think gingham, chains and tie-dye denim.

Image: Bee Rance

Anna Gray puts the writing on the wall (a.k.a her clothes) with a blue oversized suit, sheer tights and and puffed sleeves that all have a typewriter scrawl over them. Although Charlotte Cullens’ collection is menswear, the first outfit is a pink mesh almost underwear-like two-piece with a gold sequin jacket thrown over and it is refreshingly inventive for this. The rest of the collection follows in a whirlwind of more pink, mesh, sequins and fluff.  Holly Sondhi featured a rubix cube-style unitard and long trench coat with neon pink quilted details and clear plastic thigh high boots. This contrasted with Stefania Nam’s pastel pink and custard yellow dresses which are almost doll-like in their design.

Iona Buddle’s collection gives off a feeling of being underwater and the blue, pink and purple tassled jackets and floating dresses would be fit for a mermaid. Francine Cooper takes the idea of domesticity with her apron designs and pairs them with brightly coloured patterns and gold shoes to create a dichotomy of old-fashioned yet modern outfits. Chloe Myrants-Wilson definitely didn’t skimp on the materials for her tinsel, fluffy, heart-shaped and glitter-fuelled collection. A few of the models carried clear umbrellas decorated with tassels and fluffy hanging cords, perhaps to protect from an inevitable rainfall of glitter, and the collection was a bright rainbow of sequins and polka dots that definitely isn’t easy to miss.

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