Andrew Tucker: 5 Tips On Making It In The Industry


As part of The Fashion Conversation CAREERS, we chat to Andrew Tucker – the man who has carved a multifaceted career in fashion over the past two decades. If being a consultant to the British Fashion Council, creative director of Mix Trends and course leader of MA Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion wasn’t enough, Andrew also has an encyclopedic knowledge of perfumery (we have witnessed this first hand) AND he is an active journalist, covering fashion shows galore, and interviewing some of fashion’s greats including Gianni Versace, Hedi Slimane and Alexander McQueen.

We pick Andrew’s brain for his top five tips on making it in the industry.

  1. Be Multi-Skilled – You have to be multi-skilled and if you’re not multi-skilled, you at least need to know how to orchestrate people when you bring things together. You also need to be able to get people to do things for no money. You need to have, people skills, social media skills, tactical skills – you name it, you need it.
  2. Be Very Flexible – Sometimes you have to do average work that pays the bills to fund the work that propels you intellectually and creatively. Combine the two, don’t just put all your eggs in one basket.
  3. Be Obsessive & Original – Right now there is a huge amount of mediocrity and I think it is largely has to do with the fact that people research via Google. You never really get originality when you research this way as you are only getting the answers to questions that you asked. People who are really very erudite and intelligent about fashion, are obsessive about fashion. You need to have an obsessive personality overall and be really interested in what’s going on in other parts of the world, be it politics, culture, costume, antiques, fine art, music, ethnography or the natural world. Such broadness and obsessiveness will brilliantly inform your creative decisions.
  4. Read & Understand – Read really good literature and understand it. Read very broadly and be passionate about reading.
  5. Get an Accountant – I know I pay my accountant money, but she saves me far more money. Accountants know all the tricks on what you can claim for that you may not necessarily be aware of if you just do it yourself.