Triinu Pungits: Attitude & Freedom

Photography: Riina Varol
Photography: Riina Varol

Lately the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days have been getting a lot of attention with edgy underground designers bursting onto the international fashion scene. Russia, Georgia and Ukraine can claim a number of them as their own however Estonia is also producing some exceptional talent. Amongst them is designer Triinu Pungits who calls the Estonian city, Tartu, home. Since launching her namesake label, Triinu has taken part in numerous fashion shows and her work has been featured in many publications including Vogue Italia, British Vogue, and Glamour. A finalist at the prestigious International Talent Support Fashion Competition and a semi-finalist at the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyeres, Triinu is gaining widespread support for her aesthetic that revolves around her self expression, attitude and freedom. We chat to Triinu about her brand, inspirations and time at the 2017 Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days.

The Fashion Conversation : You have been showing at the Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days since 2013, can you tell us about your experiences at the event?
Triinu Pungits: The MBKFD experience I had was very positive and gave me lots of strength to continue doing what I am doing. I got noticed by different international publications, which also helped my brand to gain attention in the local market of Estonia. After taking part in MBKFD I was nominated and won the Silver Needle, which is one of the most prestigious fashion awards in Estonia. Kiev is an exciting city, and I was excited to return again this year and show my latest collection. I believe MBKFD is a perfect fashion event for a young brand.

TFC: The Triinu Pungits aesthetic is influenced by your perspective on life and being alive. What were your inspirations behind your latest collection? How do you transform your ideas into the incredible garments?
TP: I dedicate my collection to growth, to life that we perceive, experience, touch and love. Everything that has the ability to grow has a life that is precious and beautiful. Every new day starts with breathing, being alive. Creativity starts when I make my first contact with a textile.  The nature of the fabric gives the necessary push for its shape, for an idea and from there I can see the end result. Prints and patterns always start from the photos that I take during travels or simple moments in my life, then I develop and manufacture these photos into patterns. I cut, glue and spend countless hours developing patterns. I like processes where I don’t have a specific goal but I can develop and create patterns by letting them find their own shape organically.

TFC: The latest Triinu Pungits collection engages in a deep analysis of your own being and willpower and includes the mesmerising hand-sewn sequin textile. What were your thoughts behind the collection?
TP: While I have added some new prints and textures into my AW17 collection; I can say that the collection is very me.  As the main inspiration came from nature, I have used lots of different shades of earthy tones such as greyish and deep brown, but also shades of white and red. Also, I have added an item into my collection that has been made of hand-sewn sequin textile. It’s been a work in progress for the last two years and even though it is still not completely finished, I was happy to include a piece of it into my AW17 collection.

TFC: Who is your favourite designer at the moment and why?
TP: Rei Kawakubo – bold and somewhat crazy, she is a designer who has a lush self-expression, yet passes on seriousness, freshness and novelty. I like her very much.