Who is it? A Mystery


Photo: Who is it?
Photo: Who is it?

The Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days held in Kiev, may not be one of the industry’s typical fashion capitals, but over the past couple of years, its designers and aesthetic are starting to dominate the fashion scene. Bursting with fresh new talent, the new ‘east’ – which typically comprises Georgia, Russia and Ukraine, is producing designers who are delving into the 1990’s Soviet aesthetic and creating a global reputation for cutting edge cool. Among these designers is the team behind Who is it?, an intriguingly elusive bunch. Launched in 2013, we are still wondering who the designer or designers are behind Who is it? and by the sounds of it we will be wondering for a long time! As they start to execute their next goal – the search for deep human insight, with the aim of revealing the vices of society, the Who is it? team sits down for a quick chat, fresh from showing at the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days.

The Fashion Conversation: Who is the designer or designers behind Who is it?
Who is it?: “What? Who are you wearing?” “Who is it?” “Who is the designer?” These are frequently asked questions when somebody is interested in clothing. The Who is it? brand doesn’t use names of designers because the clothing, style, ideas and motivation are more important than names!

TFC:  What was the inspiration behind the latest Who is it? collection that was shown at the 2017 Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days?
Who is it?: The latest collection was about Earth protection and the careless society we live in, with a focus on recycling. At the end of 2016, the technological possibilities of recycling plastic bags finally appeared in Ukraine, however, the majority still ignore this ability to recycle and the chance to improve the environment’s condition. This collection has become a kind of manifesto on social and environmental issues for Who is it?

TFC: Good people and the world are two elements of the Who is it? aesthetic that is created through heavy, rough and textured fabrics. The latest collection was raw and real, can you tell us more about the prints in the collection?
Who is it?: The ironic prints we made are an interpretation of supermarket logos. We translated and transliterated the name of the brand “Who is it?” in different languages and then adapted it to different logos which feature frequently on plastic bags. We also made bags from eco-leather.  These bags have the shape of plastic bags and are decorated with the logos.

TFC: Can you tell us about the Who is it? experience at the 2017 Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days and the highlights of Who is it? so far?
Who is it?: The Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days was exciting and an interesting eventful experience. It is always interesting comparing yourself with other ideas and other brands. Highlights so far include winning the Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days Prize this season as the best young brand and winning a prize from Vogue Ukraine last season. But really, we think that the most significant achievement of the brand is that we raise acute social problems. We show the truth and try to make this society a little bit kinder and forward-looking.