ANGUS CHIANG: An exercise in culture-clashing colour



Julia Ferrar reviews Angus Chiang’s latest collection shown at London Fashion Week AW17 with all of its wonderful culture-clashing colour. 

Photo: Nicholas Kristiansen
Photo: Nicholas Kristiansen

The fifth collection of Taiwanese designer Angus Chiang marked the brightly coloured beginnings of Fashion Scout’s London schedule. With a culture-clashing collage of cellotaped cardboard boxes stretching along the catwalk, up the walls and into makeshift dens, his collection unveiled itself to be a nineties-inspired playground of nostalgia. Ever one to add a sense of playfulness to his menswear creations, he subverted the uniformity of, well, uniform.

The matching haircut of school boys was replaced with a rainbow of neon-hair hats; school shirts were given oversize peter-pan collars, pink hues and custom graffiti while school blazers and shorts were made from brightly striped denim with leopard patch-pockets. Coupled with Lucozade-orange shoes, his FW collection was a far cry from the muted tones of your average classroom attire. Even gendered-prescribed uniformity was blurred as his line-up of male models could be seen wearing scalloped skirts as well as earrings made from an assorted array of inanimate objects (think tinsel, slinkies and yo-yos, to name a few).

Both distinctly futuristic and undeniably throwback, the childish propensity of his noughts-and-crosses embroidered collection is an irrefutably inverse reflection on the talent of this LVMH shortlisted designer – a prize that would rightfully elevate him to the lofty realms of previous winners: Jacquemus, Grace Wales Bonner and Marques Almeida.

As onlookers and models alike sipped on colourful bubble teas, we were invited to partake in the neon-tinted utopia of his imagination and came away from the immersive encounter ready to not only wear our hearts on our sleeves, but rather emblazoned on our belts, ear-lobes and striped denim corsets.

About Julia Ferrar
After studying literature at UCL, Julia spent an all-too-fleeting few months savouring the je ne sais quoi of Paris before returning to London where she now works with MATCHESFASHION.COM and indulges her propensities for Virginia Woolf, Jacquemus and the colour navy.

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