SPOTLIGHT: Alexandra Popoviciu


Meet Alexandra Popoviciu, the hot new designer whose latest collection ‘Crowns of Illusion‘ has just landed. Graduating from Coventry University earlier this year, Alexandra is 23 years old, half-Hungarian, half-Romanian and already has a wealth of experience under her fashionable belt working for J.W. Anderson, Iris van Herpen and Rick Owens.

While Alexandra wasn’t that into fashion as a youngster, she made the leap after attending a drawing/textile course most of the weekends during high school. “That was the moment when I noticed that I like working with my hands” she says, and we are glad she did. Alexandra’s latest collection is explores futurist fantasies, perceptions of reality, emotional power and raw energy. You can also seen influences from her time working for Iris van Herpen, “working for Iris had a big impact on the way I work since I spent a lot of time working on her couture pieces, now I’m more focused on details and materials.” Alexandra is just about to move my studio to Amsterdam and start a new collection.