Lauren Taylor
Image: Lauren Taylor

Meet Lauren Taylor, the multi-talented creative. Hailing from Newport in South Wales, she makes her own prints for her evocative and masculine inspired womenswear designs. She also plays the piano, cello and clarinet. We catch up with Lauren to chat fashion and her prints.

The Fashion Conversation: What was your childhood like? Were you obsessed with fashion?
Lauren Taylor: My interest in fashion didn’t actually start until I studied A Level Textiles (which is funny because I only chose Textiles because they weren’t running the subject I originally wanted to study) so I didn’t grow up with any fashion influences at all! Music was a huge part of my childhood. I began learning the piano, cello and clarinet when I was 3.

TFC: What inspired you study MA Fashion at Kingston? 
LT: When I was working in industry on my placement year, I met many designers who had furthered their education into Masters studies in order to achieve more predominant positions within industry, which was what began my interest in pursuing my education further. I chose Kingston as the modules are politically, culturally and socially inclined which suits my personal work ethic.

TFC: What sort of internships have you done, and what have you learnt from them?
LT: I spent 9 months at McQ Alexander McQueen on the Pattern Cutting and Womenswear Design teams and 3 months with Fyodor Golan.  The list of skills I learnt during that time is endless and I will be forever grateful.  It is so important to work within industry as a creative, the experience is priceless!

Lauren Taylor
Image: Lauren Taylor

TFC: What is your design signature?
LT: My prints have probably become a signature.  It wasn’t until I was working at McQ, that I realised the importance of print in design.  It really characterises collections and brings them to life and is something that I will always continue to work with in the future.

TFC: What inspires your design aesthetic?
LT: The happenings in today’s society, whether that be politically or culturally.  There are so many things that anger me in the present day that are a real drive and influence for my work.

TFC: Tell us more about your incredible fabrics
LT: For certain pieces of my under-graduate collection, I constructed my own fabrics through manipulation.  I worked into them by layering, fraying and distressing to create thick tapestry-like sheets in order to place my patterns on and create the garments.

TFC: What do you think are the key challenges that present fashion design students at the moment in London? 
LT: Competition is the biggest challenge for fashion design students.  The industry is constantly expanding and becoming over-populated, making it increasingly harder for graduates to be seen or heard.

Lauren Taylor
Image: Lauren Taylor